Son of Sam-To-Son of God

Steven Garofalo along with Reason For Truth has had the unique privilege and blessing of developing a relationship with convicted serial killer David Berkowitz, know famously as "Son of Sam". David and Steven have been writing to one another going on two years after a pastor friend of Steven in Dallas, TX introduced Steven to David-Steven wrote about David in his book "Right For You, But Not For Me-A Response To Moral Relativism". Steven writes:

The focus of my sharing my relationship on this website is to highlight the sheer scope of God's redemptive power through Jesus Christ. After many correspondence, I am convinced that David is a new man. "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV). David has an appreciation for Christian apologetics and he uses apologetics in the mission field that God has given him at the maximum security penitentiary where he is scheduled to live for for the rest of his life. How many of us are equipped to live with 24/7 in a maximum security prison, ministering to lost souls, many who will never see the light of freedom, leading them to Christ, and mentoring fellow Christian prisoners in the true Word of God? Not me. While I try to be a blessing for David from the outside-David often comes out as the one who blesses me. He serves the Lord in a very difficult environment, and I would encourage you to pray for David and his ministry. David's perseverance in walking with the Lord is a light, serving Christ from the inside a very violent world with limited resources. God has redeemed this man who took the lives of 6 innocent people and affected countless others-can you imagine the impact he is having in prison-using apologetics a tool in his tool box in sharing the Good News and redemptive message of Jesus Christ? God wants every human being to know Him and repent of his Sins and take up his cross-despite what we have done in this life, to come to him for eternal life (1 Timothy 2:4). I so appreciate the fact that David prays for me daily. I would encourage you to click on THIS LINK to experience the testimony a man sold out for Satan-go from Son of Sam (devil) to son of God. And please pray for David and me as we forge forward in the difficult mission the Lord has give given us. 

Son of Hope from Son of Sam

My friend David Berkowitz asked me to share a part of a letter with you as shown to the left side of the screen. I do not share any of my personal correspondence with David out of the love and respect that I have for him as a deer brother in Christ and as my friend. David gave written permission (as stated in this section of the letter) to share the contents of that specific page for you. I hope that you are encouraged in your walk with Christ and better equipped to carry out The Great Commission (Matthew 28) by David's ministry.

David is an example of God's powerful grace and the simple fact that His redemption is available to all of us-despite how bad we have acted in this life. David murdered 6 people and wounded many others. I hope that you will read his letter as shown on the left side of the page and check out Ariseandshine.Org