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EQUIPPED ACADEMY is a training academy with video & live training, quizzes, certificate courses and other resources geared to EQUIP you: Inoculating Students, Strengthening the faith of believers, and equipping Christians to informatively share their faith. 

Welcome to EQUIPPED ACADEMY! "Reason For Truth scholarships are funded by the generosity of Reason For Truth donors. The only cost to students is for materials. The scholarship program was developed to fulfill the ministry's vison and mission to prepare students for the world they have yet to fully inherit, to EQUIP them to share their faith-walking boldly in Christ, and to equip them to train up other believers to become biblically literate, mature, and informative Christians." - Steven Garofalo M.A.A


BASICS Certificate Course (5-Lessons): This 5-Video/5-Quiz Training Series is a Certificate program that will equip you to answer some of the most widely asked questions including: 1) Everyone Has A Worldview-What's Yours? 2) How Do We Know God Exists? 3) Do All Roads Lead To Heaven? 4) Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? And 5) Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?-the Problem of Evil. (see Resources page for main text).

ADVANCED: Certificate Course (5 Lessons) This 5-Video/5-Quiz Training Series is a Certificate program that continues where the "Basics" certificate course left off. This course covers: 1) How Do I Explain Pain and Suffering To Others? 2) Is Morality Relative? 3) How Do I Lead Others to Heaven? 4) How Do I Use Apologetics To Defend the Christian Faith? And 5) How Can I use Apologetics in Conversational Evangelism? (see Resources page for main text).

BUNDLED BASIC & ADVANCE: (10 Lessons) This 10-Video/10-Quiz Training Series is a Certificate program course bundle includes both the EQUIPPED "Basics" Certificate Course + EQUIPPED "Advanced" Course + the "EQUIPPED-Basic Training In Evangelism Book". The book is can be shipped in paperback form only in the United States and in Kindle for orders outside of the United States.

                            Thank you Equipped Academy for your generosity. 

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