History: Reason For Truth

(National Apologetics Training Center)

Reason For Truth® (Home of the National Apologetics Training Center®) was started in the Spring of 2007. A web site was formed and the ministry of teaching Apologetics was formalized under the NATC name. Over the next three years, as the need for Apologetics Training began to grow, it became evident that the right time had come to formalize the ministry and take NATC to the next level. After updating the NATC web site, Steven Garofalo incorporated the National Apologetics Training Center in the state of North Carolina in May of 2010. By December of 2010, NATC obtained it's official designation as a 501 (c) (3) Not-For-Profit organization. There are a number of Reason For Truth (NATC) speakers that partner with with Steven (see "Meet RFT Speakers") in 2013. NATC trademarked the name Reason For Truth in February of 2014 and the name was officially changed by early summer. Steven is committed to God's Word, well trained to equip the body of Christ, and passionate about the mission of NATC.