Remaining Steadfast In An Upside Down World

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In a world of pandemics, violence, civil unrest, natural disasters, and utter confusion, how can we believe in and uphold the truth and goodness of Christianity? Join world-class scholars at FBC Rock Hill, in Rock Hill, SC, for the 28th annual SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics as we become more equipped to defend the truth and goodness of the Gospel in a dark and confused world. Space is limited this year, so be sure to register early using the ticket link below! Discounts are available for groups of 10+, skeptics, homeschoolers, and school groups. Contact us for discount details: (704) 847-5600 x201

Come to attend Steven Garofalo's Talk!

Southern Evangelical Seminary is hosting their annual conference on Christian Apologetics and you are invited to attend! Just sign up above and make sure to hear ReasonForTruth.Org Founder and SES graduate Steven Garofalo speak!