General Topics and Series

Reason for Truth has numerous topics which can be customized in effort to meet the specific needs of your group. The list below is not exhaustive by any means, but serves as a general guide for helping you determine which subjects might be appropriate and most effective for your organization or church.

  • General Topics & Men's Ministry

    • Motivating Men to Seek God in Heart and Mind
    • "What" Are You Doing With the DASH in Your Life?
    • How are you Using Your Talents for the Glory of God?
    • Glorifying God In Your Work
    • How To Know God: Understanding What God is Really Like
    • Christianity (Multiple areas)
    • Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts (Workshop Option)
  • Apologetics Training-Defending The Truth

    We take years of training and break it down according to the audience in effort to equip audiences on multiple levels.

    . Ethics (Bio-ethics, Environmentalism, War, Civil Disobedience, Abortion, Human Sexuality)

    . Right For You, But Not For Me: A Response To Moral Relativism
    . Arts & The Media
    . Business Ethics
    . Government/Legislating Morality (Stand alone or series)
    . Christians & Politics
    . Human Sexuality

    . Unitarian Universalism

    . All Roads Don't Lead to Heaven: Religious Pluralism

  • World Religions & Cults

    . World Religions/Cults
    . Introduction to World Religions

    . Introduction to Cults

    . ISLAM (Stand alone or series)

    . Hinduism
    . Buddhism
    . Pluralism
    . Judaism
    . Scientology
    . Wicca
    . Witchcraft

  • Bible Doctrine/Theology

    . Discovering the Essence of God
    . The Attributes of God Part1
    . The Attributes of God/Why Open Theology Fails Part 2
    . Trinity
    . Heaven/Hell
    . The Nature of Salvation
    . If God-Why Evil-(Problem Of)